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Instant Quote & Buy Online

Obtaining a quote from us is quick and easy! You’re now able to receive an instant quote and buy online on a selection of insurance products.  If you still prefer to speak to a member of our experienced team don’t hesitate to get in touch. Send an email to or call us on 778-317-1296.

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance

GMS TravelStar® Travel Insurance

Whether you’re a Snowbird, a family on vacation, a backpacker, or a cross-border shopper, you can travel feeling protected with emergency medical, trip and baggage coverage from GMS.

GMS Immigrants & Visitors to Canada Insurance

Affordable emergency medical coverage for Super Visa applicants, visitors and immigrants to Canada.

Health & Dental Insurance

GMS Personal Health Coverage

Need an individual health insurance plan to supplement your provincial health coverage? Create a plan that suits your needs by choosing from one of three plan types with the option to add prescription drug coverage, dental coverage, and more.

GMS Replacement Health Coverage

Losing your group benefits soon? Left a group plan in the past 60 days? Replacement Health Coverage is the affordable way to stay protected from the high health care costs when you're no longer covered by an employer plan.

Manulife Flexcare Health & Dental Plan
Flexcare plans are specifically designed to offer flexibility and choice. A wide selection of Core plans provide coverage for varying levels of drug and dental benefits, along with vision care, extended health care, travel insurance and more.

Manulife FollowMe Health & Dental Plan

FollowMe Health is specially designed to offer health and dental coverage when group health benefits come to an end. If you apply within 90 days of your group health benefit end date, no medical questionnaire is required.

Please remember that the FollowMe Health insurance plan is not intended to provide and will not provide the exact same coverage that you may have had under your group health insurance plan.

Manulife Association Health & Dental Plan

If you're self-employed, retired or simply not covered by a group health plan, you know how quickly medical costs can add up – especially those that may not be covered by your provincial health plan. Having your own health insurance (or supplementing your existing work benefits) can help reduce your out-of-pocket payments for common expenses like prescription drugs, dental services, vision care, physiotherapy and more.

Critical Illness Insurance

Manulife Lifecheuqe Basic Critical Illness Insurance

With advances in medical care, more and more people are surviving heart attacks, strokes and cancer. The simple, affordable protection offered by the Lifecheque® Basic Critical Illness Plan provides financial security in the event that one of five covered illnesses or conditions is diagnosed.

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